Aling Banang’s Panciteria

Aling Banang’s is a very popular Panciteria in Manila. You can see Stalls named after her. This food stall started in the 1930’s and was founded by Urbana Silva Santiago. The very first store was located at San JUan Public Market. Aling Banang have 12 children and Ising her 5th child took over the stall and decided to expand but retaining the name ALing Banang’s. The original menu consists of halo-halothat has red monggo, white beans, sweetened banana, pinipig, macapuno, gulaman, sago, halaya ube and leche flan (made from duck eggs). All of them are home-made ingredients and their desserts were served in empty tin can of evaporated milk. To see the whole history click here.

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Banang's ni Macky Eatery 2
Banang’s ni Macky Eatery 2 – Cubao branch

Now there are different stalls and one of them is located at Arayat, Cubao and is called Banang’s ni Macky Eatery 2 . I am not sure if this stall branched out from the original but it is near my place and very accesible to me that is why I keep on eating there when I crave for Pancit Canton and I am in the area. They are known for their noodle dishes like Pancit Canton, Miki Bihon, etc. because they serve it with Lechon Kawali.

Pancit Canton
Pancit Canton – PHP 55

Aside from Noodles, they also serve other food such as Lugaw, Lomi, Bulalo, Papaitan just to name a few. And their prices are cheap and tastes amazing. Check their menu below.


I was not able to take good pictures as the place is packed and I don’t want to disturb other patrons. The place is commonly visited by employees, workers and students. If you are in Cubao area I would suggest for you try them out. They are located at 18 Pinatubo Street. Click here to see exact location.

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