A Surprise Birthday Celebration “Pakain ni Mayora”

Kahit Saan Food Stop provides Packed Lunches and Food Trays. We transitioned from Aluminum Food Trays to reusable Tupperware. We also customize food per Clients request. One of our Client requested for 3 dishes good for 10 heads. It is for a surprise birthday celebration for her mom! It was our great pleasure to serveRead More


Serving Packed Lunches Mix Adobo Kahit Saan Food Stop is Back!

I created Kahit Saan Food Stop last 2016. I started as a one man team, small food provider with a goal of having my own restaurant in the future. We are serving Packed Lunches and Food Trays for Small Events and Offices. In 2017, due to personal reasons we decided to shut down and convertedRead More


How to make Gising Gising

Gising Gising in English literally translate to Wake Up, Wake Up! From the name itself you can speculate that this is a Spicy Dish. This dish is known to be best partnered with Alcoholic drinks. Some locals say that the  Gising Gising Recipe was invented because when a drunk person consumes it you will immediatelyRead More


How to make 3 Ingredient Ice Cream

Philippines have a lot of awesome places like beaches and mountains! The climate is perfect for hiking or swimming in the beach. Living in the Philippines who wouldn’t want a scoop of Ice Cream? While I was browsing my Facebook Page I saw a quick and easy recipe for Ice Cream without using an IceRead More


Leslie’s Tagaytay is it still worth the travel?

Tagaytay City dubbed as “Second Summer Capital of the Phillippines” is located at the south of Manila. The province is known for its mild climate (not anymore), great parks with views like Taal Volcano, beautiful churches and of course food. When we talk about food Tagaytay City is known for their “Bulalo” which is a BeefRead More


Seoul In Timog Review

With the continuous popularity of the Korean Culture here in the Philippines from K Pop Bands, Korean Drama and of course Korean Food. That being said you would see a lot of Korean Restaurants Popping up and one of the best types are the Unlimited Korean Grill spots! Here is another review of one ofRead More


Cooking Gambas in 20 Minutes

I can’t remember the last time I posted a recipe. It’s been a while because I’ve been quite busy lately but I am back. One of the challenges in cooking is the time that it takes to completely cook your dish. Some of us just don’t have the time to cook anymore, others are justRead More


Aling Banang’s Panciteria

Aling Banang’s is a very popular Panciteria in Manila. You can see Stalls named after her. This food stall started in the 1930’s and was founded by Urbana Silva Santiago. The very first store was located at San JUan Public Market. Aling Banang have 12 children and Ising her 5th child took over the stall andRead More


Kinalas: A Savory Noodle Soup Dish from Naga City

Bicol is known for their spicy food! But today we are discussing one of the must try dishes in Naga City. Introducing Kinalas a Savory Noodle soup that originated in Naga City. It consists of Beef or Pork Meat boiled until tender hence the term “Kinalas” which means fall off the bone meat. While IRead More


50’s Diner Baguio City

50’s Diner in Baguio City is an american inspired restaurant located at the 3rd floor of Porta Vaga building in Session Road. I’ve been seeing pictures in my Facebook feeds regarding this restaurant and it got me curious. On our second day in Baguio City we decided to check out this restaurant. Since we wentRead More